Monday, 9 May 2011

A wonderful example

Last week I had the give-away for the Journible.  These books promote the concept of writing out God's Word for yourself, just as they had to do in the days before they had the Scripture's in print.  The discipline of writing it out helps to cement it in out minds.

On the topic of memorising and writing, I came across this excerpt, here.

Learning from the Persecuted

The persecuted Christians place much importance on heart knowledge of the Scripture. Our dear friend Sabina Wurmbrand told us that before she was arrested in Romania she was very poor. But while in prison she became very rich.
This was because as a pastor's wife she was not well off with this world's goods. However, she was rich in the only currency that mattered in prison - the Word of God. And because she had stored up such spiritual treasures through Bible memorisation, Sabina Wurmbrand was able to make fellow prisoners rich in the Word of God.
The persecuted Churches of Eastern Europe placed a high priority on Scripture memorisation. Many congregations had corporately memorised the entire Bible. So at any given service the pastor could call upon some member to recite from memory any chapters of those books of the Bible which he had been assigned to memorise.
Some Christians had wrapped a spare Bible in a plastic bag and buried it in anticipation of later confiscation. Often I came across families engaged in writing out the whole Bible by hand. When Bibles were very scarce precious copies were rotated amongst members of the congregation. Many families then used their night to copy as much of the Bible as possible - by hand. Most Christians had memorised a wide selection of hymns and chapters of the Bible.

(Learn more about Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand here )

I wonder, if the Pastor's of our Churches called upon US to recite scripture, in the Western world, would we be able to do it??

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  1. Playing catch-up a little as my laptop isnt working, but loved this post. I definitely would be embarrased at my knowledge... it's a great challenge and I am so glad you are running this!! Tx