Thursday, 9 June 2011

are you all hanging in there?....

hi folks!

I am sorry things went quiet for a few weeks!  I had been on holiday ("vacation" for you American's!), and since I came back I have had a grumpy, teething 1 year old and then a special weekend of services at our Church.  I was doing a lot of baking, and providing hospitality for a lot of people (ie 25 for dinner on the Saturday, before the service!).

So, I have been here, busily learning, but not blogging!

How are things going?  Are you getting those verses learnt - and learnt well?  I have to confess, that I have struggled with the last couple of weeks.  As I add more new verses, I seem to find it difficult to remember "what comes next", although I could tell you the verses "not joined together", so to speak! I seem to need far too much prompting to remember which verse comes next!  But, it's coming on - I'm getting better.  Improvement in little steps is better than no improvement.  And, the more I repeat it, the better I will learn it.

I have had little helps from various children, as well as Robert keeping me on track too.

Please share how you are doing!  Let us know how you are being blessed and encouraged by the scripture we have learned so far.

Praying for you all.


  1. Thank you Caroline. I am struggling in the same area as you, linking the verses together. We are learning them as a family, and I think the children are doing best! We recite the verses which we are learning every breakfast time after our Bible reading. We need to keep going back so as not to forget the previous verses. We are loving it, though, and it is proving a real blessing, so thank you for inspiring us to give it a go! Katy

  2. We fell a bit behind and are up to verses 15 and 16. I always find it a bit tricky to add the new verses on to what we already know, but we can normally manage it in a few days. I'm glad my daughter is on this journey with me!