Friday, 17 June 2011

Freedom to memorise the Bible

I found this article whilst on my internet travels.  It is all about scripture memorisation in persecuted countries and how important it is.  Please read it - your heart will be challenged, and you will realise what a precious thing it is to freely have the scriptures.

In order to receive a Bible in one Christian fellowship in Vietnam, where scriptures are few and far between, the criteria for receiving a Bible flawlessly recite PSALM 119!  And you thought Philippians was a challenge?!

I know I cannot flawlessly recite the verses I am learning, so far.  I am still stumbling and struggling for perfection.

 Are we too comfortable with our freedoms, and take for granted the precious book we hold in our hands?  We know we can pick it up and read it whenever we want, so we don't take the time to truly hide the words in our hearts.  I really  have found that having them learnt well brings them to my mind with more readiness.

Remember your persecuted Brothers and Sisters in Christ in your prayers.  And, be thankful for waht you have, whilst diligently learning the words of scripture...we don't know when we may not have God's Word so readily to hand.

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