Friday, 24 June 2011

The inspiration behind my inspiration.....

As you may remember, I was inspired to learn scripture through reading Ann Voskamp's blog...

holy experience

 However, do you want to read the story of how SHE was inspired to learn Colossians?  It's such a challenge, reading of the heritage that has come of the scripture memorisation that came before....  read it, and be refreshed in your own commitment to memorise the scriptures.

Keep on keeping on.


  1. Thanks for this link, I am afraid I am failing to do this at the moment but I havent given up.

  2. I must confess to falling behind a bit. I am nearly finished last week's verses, and then have to do this week's. I am going to write a post soon, to try and encourage, and see how everyone is getting on! x

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